The Emotion Behind Money

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  • The Emotion Behind Money can change your preconceptions
  • The emotional connection between people and their money


Julie Murphy Casserly has studied the emotional connection between people and their money—their income, spending habits, and savings—for the past decade. And, for the last nine years, she has been working to build the wealth of large and small clients in her own practice. This experience allows her to offer people of all ages and financial status the benefit of her deep insights and comprehensive understanding of the interplay of the personal, emotional and financial attitudes and how they are linked. In so doing, she has been able to provide her clients with financial solutions that last. Julie has most recently appeared as a regular guest expert on CNBC “On the Money” with Carmen Wong Ulrich along with Oprah and Friends Radio and Lifetime Television.

Thanks to her hands-on experience, Murphy Casserly has developed a unique process that creates a bridge between the right and left brain, linking the left brain’s penchant for logical, sequential, rational, analytical, objective thought with the right brain’s random, intuitive, holistic, synthesizing and subjective capacities.

Throughout the book, Murphy Casserly illustrates how one can learn to access, understand and, as necessary, transform one’s relationship to money in the most dynamic and empowering way in order to alleviate many of the money-based problems that are obstacles not only to wealth but also true happiness. She shows the reader how to get past what are often self-imposed plateaus and progress to significant wealth-building, all with a deceptively simple but highly effective change in those subconscious attitudes and inherited beliefs about money.

The Emotion Behind Money is laced throughout with engaging and relatable anecdotes from the author’s personal experiences, from childhood to present, and from the examples of others. Nonjudgmental and empathetic, Ms. Murphy Casserly’s voice is warm and engaging. Genuinely interested in the reader’s financial well-being, she clearly has a gift of natural insight, and can read people and their monetary situations instantly. In the intake or “discovery” process, she explains, “you have to lead people to uncover the emotional numbers first and then get to the tactical or financial numbers. Once you have clarity about your personal mission, vision, values and goals and what emotions are triggered underneath, you can begin to get into the hardcore financial planning details that involve your core assets and liabilities, and use these as a launching pad to create a vibrant new relationship to money that will take you where you want and need to go for the rest of your life.”

The Emotion Behind Money can change your preconceptions and deeply impact how to handle, attract and accumulate money, and, on an even broader scale, how to set your most cherished goals in life and to be able to recognize and realize your dreams.